Do not fear

I love to write, but I fear discipline. Or rather, I fear that I am not the kind of person who has enough discipline to finish something once I begin. I regularly fall in love with the beginnings of things, but I have a difficult time sticking it out when the beginning becomes the middle.

Beginnings are full of hope and possibility. They are shiny and new.

Middles are messy.

I want to write in a way that moves people. Challenges them. Encourages them. Breathes life into their souls and brings strength to their hearts. I want to write in a way that makes people feel less alone, but I fear that I am more in love with the thought of being a writer I am with the work that makes me one.


Dear self,

Fear is normal. It is natural. But you are not called to a normal, natural existence. No, you are called by the Creator of the universe to dwell in His presence, live by His power, and walk in His ways. You are called to be His, and He is with you. Your surest path to overcome fear is to cling to the person of Jesus.

God commands us again and again, “Do not fear, for I AM WITH YOU.” You will not conquer through your abilities, your skills, your character, your power, or your will. Here’s a truth that will set you free today: Jesus does all of the conquering. He does all of the overcoming. He does all of the saving. Stick close to Him, listen to Him, and love Him, and He will do what only He can in and through you.

And in those moments when fear threatens to overwhelm you and you cannot find your way through it? Walk on. Step forward. Don’t wait for the fear to pass. Whatever God has called you to do? Do it in faith, even if you are afraid, and you will find that each new step becomes easier than the last.

The enemy uses fear to paralyze you, so when you are afraid, move in the last direction that God told you to go. He will meet you there.