These images are not just for the person that you are today. They are for the you that you will be tomorrow. The you that will have experienced grander adventures, overcome darker sorrows, and shared greater depths of love than the person you are now, and you will need these images to remind you where it all began.

These are the moments that unite two souls into one family. They are precious memories captured and made tangible. These photographs are your first family heirloom, and they will be passed down and cherished in the hands of your children and grandchildren. Preserving your family's legacy through photographs is my joy and my calling.


I am Atlanta wedding photographer Lauren Wright.

I believe that meaningful, authentic images are captured, not created. I believe that timeless transcends trendy and classic never goes out of style. I believe in pouring your heart and soul and strength into planning for a shared future, not just a wedding. I believe in simple, romantic portraits, elegant details, and enduring moments preserved in print. 

I believe that marriage is a wonderful adventure that is best shared with your best friend, and I would be honored to create the photographs that will become your first family heirloom.


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