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3 Secrets to Creating Beautiful, Meaningful Family Portraits on your Wedding Day


I believe wholeheartedly that on your wedding day, you should make connections not photographs. Don't get me wrong, I love delicate lace gowns and soft peony bouquets as much as the next wedding photographer, but it's the connections - the real, raw, emotional moments - that I love to capture the most. However, I also appreciate the importance of having simple, classic family portraits from your wedding day, and I approach these portraits with the same care and reverence that I use to document the rest of your day.

Here are 3 tips to help make sure your family portrait time is relaxed and meaningful.

1. Schedule your immediate family portraits before the ceremony

Even if you're not doing a first look, plan on having your immediate family portraits before the ceremony. This gives you time to truly relax with and enjoy time with your family while we create these portraits, and you won't have the added pressure of squeezing them in before the reception starts. If you can, give yourself at least 15-20 minutes so that you don't feel rushed.

2. Make personal contact with each family member you want to feature in a family portrait.

Don't assume that your brother or grandmother will know that you want them in one of your portraits. A few days before the wedding, make personal contact with the people who are most important to you and let them know when to be ready for family portraits. A text message or email directly to that person goes a long way. Consider it an opportunity to share your gratitude and love for that person. You can steal this message: "Hey, I love you, I'm thankful for you, and I would love to have a pictures made with you on my wedding day. Please meet us on the front steps of the venue at 4:15pm for family pictures. I can't wait to see you!"

3. Make eye contact. Give them a hug. Speak words of love.

I understand that every person shows love differently, so whatever love language you speak, make sure to speak it to the ones you love on your wedding day. You don't want to look back in 10 years and think, "I wish I would have..." Yes, look at the camera for a classic portrait with your mom, but before you let her walk away, show her your love. Look into her eyes. Squeeze her hand. Speak words of life to her. You will never regret taking the time to show love to the people who matter. 


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Atlanta Wedding Photographer Promo Video

I have been working on this project for over a year now, and I am so excited to be able to share it with you today! When you are a bride searching for a wedding photographer, I know that you are looking for more than beautiful photos or a stylish website. You are looking for connection. You are looking for passion. You are looking for someone who understands you, who sees the beauty in your story, and who believes that your wedding celebration is more about beginning a family than it is about hosting an event. When I launched my new website, I worked hard to share my vision and values with potential clients through my about page, but I knew that I wanted something more. This video is that something more. Through this video, you have the opportunity to hear the passion in my words as I share my story with you. I can't wait for you to watch it!

You can view the video in standard definition by clicking play below, or you can watch it in HD by clicking here.

Hello, lovely! I am an Atlanta wedding photographer who specializes in providing an authentic, uncomplicated wedding photography experience to couples who love classic, romantic images and heirloom quality products. Visit the portfolio to view more of my work, or visit the contact page to invite me to photograph your wedding.

Celebrating Five Years

5 years ago today, Robert and I stood before our closest family and friends and entered into a covenant relationship that would change, challenge, and strengthen us as individuals and as a couple. We promised our lives to each other in marriage. We wrote our own vows, and as I re-read them I couldn't help but realize that these promises are as important to our marriage today as they were on our first day. And I am excited to share them with you.



I love you. I feel like I’ve loved you for most of my life. I prayed for you and wrote letters to you long before I knew your name. I knew that God was preparing someone incredible for me, so I waited for you. I never imagined that He would bring me someone so loving, compassionate, genuine and strong. I have so much respect for you, and I am often overwhelmed with gratitude that God chose you to be my husband. I love you, and today I make this covenant with you:

I will honor the authority that God has given you as my husband. I believe that God chose us for each other so that we can glorify him together and that we share the responsibility to walk worthy of His calling, but I also believe that He has chosen you to be the head of our household, so I will look to you for leadership as we pursue His will together.

I will never leave you. I know that a lasting marriage does not happen accidentally, so I will strive with you daily to strengthen our love. I believe that the love we receive in marriage is not something we’re entitled to. It’s a precious, gracious gift that we give each other, and I will remind myself to celebrate it.

I will use the strengths that God has given me to encourage you to live confidently for Christ. I will challenge you to seek deeper intimacy in your relationship with our Lord, and I will strive to live in a way that makes you love Him more.


I know that you were created for me, and you bring more love and joy to my life than I ever imagined I would receive, but I also know that you were not created to be my idol. I love you and I respect you, but I will not expect you to fill all of the empty places in my heart. I was created with a need to know the Lord, and I will not use our marriage as a distraction from or as a substitute for my relationship with Jesus Christ. I will humble myself daily in His presence, knowing that the only way I can be the wife you need is to be the disciple that He longs for me to be.

Finally, I give myself to you and you alone. I will love you in every way I know how, and when I reach the end of my own strength, I will renew myself in the presence of the Lord and choose to love you again. I choose you today to be my husband, and I will choose every day to be your loving wife.