Young, Fun and Fabulous! { Atlanta, GA }

I love life. People tell me all the time that I'm one of the happiest people they're ever met, because I'm always smiling for some reason or another! I have the joy of Christ in me, and I wear that joy all over my face. It flows from the inside out, and it reminds me that I always have something in life to celebrate. First and foremost, I have His love in my life, and even if that was all I had, I would still have a reason to smile.

My boyfriend always jokes that I'm like a child, because I take pleasure in the simplest things in life. I am addicted to cartoons. I am fascinated by airplanes. I love listening to music that provokes feeling. My heart melts every time I see a dog, and no matter how old he is I'm going to call him a puppy. I love to sit on the front porch and listen to the rain. I love receiving snail mail. I laugh all the time, because I'm extremely easily tickled by jokes, people's facial expressions and life in general.

You may be wondering why I'm sharing all of this. I love being invited into my clients' lives and getting to know them so that I can capture their personalities in my images. I want you to be able to get to know me, as well! That's why I share so many personal thoughts and adventures on my blog. I want to invite you into my world so that you can see who I am and hopefully become a friend.

Now, on to the original intended purpose of this post! When I got back from Mexico on Friday I found out that my boyfriend, who is quite possibly the most amazing person ever, had borrowed some really awesome cars from a few local dealerships for the 4th of July parade in Jonesboro. Since they didn't have to be returned until Saturday night, he decided to let me drive one around Saturday afternoon. Talk about having a reason to celebrate! I picked up my life long best friend and cruised around town with the top down. Now, I'm not generally an expensive car kind of girl. I drive a 1998 Honda Civic (which I LOVE!) and don't really have a desire to spend lots of money on a brand new vehicle. However, I see absolutely nothing wrong with spending an afternoon feeling the wind whipping through your hair and jamming out to really loud music with your best friend. It was an amazing afternoon, and I had SO much fun! Here's a picture my dad took of me with Victoria, the super awesome Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Mustang convertible. Doesn't she just scream GIRL CAR at the top of her lungs?