Where I am and where I've been

I promise that I'll be posting more images from Jonathan & Lora's wedding in the next few days, but first I wanted to give you a little glimpse into the adventures that have kept me away from this blog over the last two weeks. I am often asked why I decided to join a sorority, and the next few images are a perfect portrayal of my response. On bid day, when the girls who went through recruitment finally find out that they get to be an Alpha Gam sister, they are joined by a few sisters who walk them across campus to their new house. As soon as these girls round the corner of 5th street and Fowler, our front lawn explodes with cheers and clapping. Once they are safely across the street, they start running. When they reach the Alpha Gam house, they are at once embraced and celebrated, and while there are a few familiar faces they see, most of these women are complete strangers to them. That's the best part of sisterhood. You don't have to know someone's name to know that the two of you are united by a common purpose and to know that you are loved and accepted.

Alright, all mushiness aside, here are a few more of my favorite photos. You may recognize this fabulous lady from a session I did last March of her and her boyfriend. She is one of my closest friends and a total whiz when it comes to sniffing out grammatical errors for our college paper!

Now, without further ado, I present to you the new Alpha Gamma Delta pledge class of 2008! (If you think this is a big group, you should see all of us together!)

Finally, here are the ladies that have made my experience at Alpha Gam so amazing: my pledge class sisters of 2005!