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Married! David & Whitney : New Orleans, LA (Part 1 of 2)

From the way they looked at each other, you would have thought that no one else existed. There was an undeniable magnetism between these two that seemed to draw them closer and closer together as they stood before their family and friends and declared their desire to honor God through marriage. David gently ran his thumb over Whitney's fingers and squeezed her hand as he spoke his vows. He made a covenant to inspire her, encourage her and love her. She laughed and smiled her nose crinkling smile as the pastor pronounced them husband and wife. David reached out and cupped her face in his hands, kissed her and then just held her close. Whitney was his cherished friend, his gift from God and now - finally - his wife.

Like I mentioned before, to say that these two are an encouragement to me would be an understatement. Their love for each other is out shined only by their love for the Lord, and it's that love which brought them together in the first place. They are committed to pursuing God's will together, and I can't wait to see where He leads them! I'm always excited when I'm invited into my clients lives, but these two gave me a special gift by sharing their love story with me, and my faith has been strengthened because of it. So to David and Whitney - thank you so much! You are an amazing couple, and I know that if I was able to capture even a fraction of the love that you have for each other, then these images will be my greatest work so far :)

Now that is one beautiful and joyful bride. Wouldn't you agree?

Whitney has a really strong relationship with her dad. She is his one and only baby girl, so she wanted to set aside a quiet moment for him to see her for the first time.

Once she'd seen her dad, we headed outside to grab a few pictures of her by herself. She is remarkably stunning - don't you agree?

Here's one of the handsome groom. He didn't seem nervous at all - he knew he was ready for Whitney to be his wife.

Looking at Whitney and her dad's faces reminds me of the comedy and tragedy masks that I saw all over New Orleans. Her expression is full of joy, and his is full of sadness as he says goodbye to his baby girl.

David and Whitney took time during their wedding ceremony to lift their voices up in worship together. It was another way to point the focus of their ceremony and their marriage on Jesus Christ, and it was a beautiful moment to capture.

David and Whitney are surrounded by their parents, who lift them up in prayer. I love the expression on Whitney's face as she reaches up to touch her mom's hand on her arm.

Finally married!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of David and Whitney's incredible wedding!