Swan House Engagement Session

Engaged! Jake & Liz : The Swan House

He knew when he met her that he wanted to marry her. It didn't matter that she had a boyfriend. It didn't matter that they were in high school. It didn't matter that the odds were stacked against them. Jake knew that he wanted Liz to be his bride one day. He just had to convince her of the thing he understood completely: They were a perfect fit for each other. So he did what any young man in love would do - he became her best friend. They spent hours hanging out. He celebrated her joyful moments with her and comforted her when she was heartbroken. He helped her with her math homework. He loved her - in a way that was real and simple and selfless - and one day she looked at him and realized that she loved him, too. The rest, as they say, is history. I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot Jake and Liz's engagement session at the Swan House. I am completely in love with the elegance and sophistication of this property. It combines my love of the outdoors with my love of all things Southern. It was absolutely a dream.