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Jonathan & Lora { Sugarloaf Country Club }

Being the (almost) poetic person that I am, I always try to come up with a unique, thoughtful and witty way to introduce my couples to my readers. Unfortunately, even though I blog often, I have not quite mastered this skill, and I often find myself staring at my computer screen, willing my hands to type and not having the slightest idea how to put into words the beautiful moments I experienced, the wonderful love my couples share and just how much I loved being a part of each wedding. This is one of the reasons I've waited so long to post these images- it has taken me forever to figure out exactly what I wanted to say.

I realize now that the best words to describe the love these two share is to share with you a few words from Jonathan's vows. He said that together they entered into an "unfinished work" of loving one another, and that every day would be another step in the direction of completing their love. For the two of them, their wedding day was not the completion of anything, but the start of a completely new journey together. They have known each other for a very long time, and though their lives initially lead them in different directions, they ended up finding each other when they needed each other the most. They decided to have a simple, intimate wedding surrounded by close friends and family, and the bridal party was made up of Lora's three beautiful children.

Once the ceremony was completed, the kids got to whisper their wishes to a cage full of butterflies, then release them into the sky. This determined little flower girl obviously had a lot to say to these butterflies, because she took her sweet time telling them all of her secrets and wishes. It was so cute!

Lora told me that photography was quite literally the most important part of her wedding, and that she was willing to miss her reception completely if it meant she would get great photos. I love to hear those words! We started off by grabbing a few shots of the happy new family. I love the expressions in these two images.

Then we wandered around the house to grab some shots of the new couple. I love the way their joy shines on their faces when they look at each other.

Jonathan and Lora, it was truly a pleasure and a blessing to be able to capture your memories for you. I wish you many joyful days and many exciting adventures together, and I hope you find new ways every day to complete your love for each other!