Pristine Chapel Wedding Photos

Married! Kenneth & Tiffany : Pristine Chapel Wedding

Are you feeling lucky? Because I sure am! Kenneth and Tiffany planned a beautiful, elegant St. Patrick's Day wedding at Pristine Chapel in Morrow and I had the joy of capturing it for them. This was my first time shooting at Pristine, but I hope it won't be my last! The decor is simply stunning, and the light is a photographer's dream. I loved the special touches that Tiffany incorporated into her details. She wore her grandmother's ring, carried portraits of both of her grandmothers on her bouquet, and had three shamrocks engraved on Kenneth's ring in honor of their wedding date. My favorite thing about these two, though, is the way they interact with each other. They were both completely at ease, and they love to snuggle, smile and laugh together. I am completely in love with their portraits! :)