Piedmont Park Wedding

Piedmont Park Engagement : Chris & Janaki

I knew right away that I was going to connect with Chris and Janaki when we met for their engagement session, and they began to share their love story with me. Although they told me that they were nervous, they smile and laugh easily together, which makes them so easy to photograph! These two are adventurers who love to be outside, so it was no surprise when they told me that they met while kayaking. It also meant that an outdoor location was an easy choice for their session, even though it was 80 degrees outside. These two handled it like champs. I cannot wait to photograph their winter wedding in Savannah!

Engaged! McCray & Lauren : Piedmont Park

Lauren and McCray have actually been engaged for quite some time - they're getting married in six days! But Lauren has been working as a teacher in Costa Rica for the last year, so this weekend was the first opportunity we had to get together for their engagement session. It was cold and windy in Piedmont Park this afternoon, but it didn't affect these two at all. They just snuggled closer to keep warm. I can't wait to celebrate with them in less than a week!

Engaged! Jeff & Danielle : Piedmont Park

Destiny. Fate. Divine intervention. Whatever you want to call it, it's what brought Jeff and Danielle together. Jeff was running late for a dinner out with friends, so he wasn't able to sit next to the person he was meeting. Instead, he sat at the far end of the table near an adorable brunette named Danielle. He was so enchanted by her sweet spirit that he asked her to go on a date the following evening. The rest, as they say, is history! Jeff and Danielle will be getting married in Florida next spring, but they wanted to do their engagement session near their home in Midtown, so off we went to Piedmont Park. I hope you enjoy your photos, and I wish you lots of joy in your marriage!

Engaged! James & Sarah : Piedmont Park

The transition from high school life to college life is often challenging. It's a time when you decide who, what, and where you want to be and how you're going to get there. While many students have the best intentions of staying connected with the people they leave behind, more often than not old relationships suffer and fall apart as a result of the distance and stress. This could easily have been James and Sarah's story, but they stuck it out when things got hard, and now, 8 years later, they are more in love than they've ever been and completely excited about building their life together as a married couple. They'll tell you that their journey has certainly been challenging, but that staying together was well worth the battles that they faced. I can't wait to celebrate their wedding in Chattanooga!

Engaged! David & Elise : Piedmont Park

A few weeks ago, I was surprised to receive an email from a young man I went to college with. I knew that he was dating one of my sorority sisters, and my initial thought was, "Why didn't Elise just email me herself?" Then I read his message, and I got so excited. David was the one to email me because he was planning to propose to Elise, and he wanted me to be there to capture it. My response went something like this: "Yes, of COURSE I'll pretend to do family portraits of you and Elise together while secretly waiting for you to get down on one knee. I'd love to. OMG I'M SO EXCITED." Except I made it sound infinitely more polished and professional. Duh :)

So on a warm afternoon in June I met Elise and David at Piedmont Park with their adorable samoyed puppy to create a collection of family portraits for them to hang in their new home. And, of course, to wait for David to drop down on one knee.

Elise was so surprised to see me, because David had lied and said that he found a great deal on a photographer on Groupon. Ha! He's so crafty.

These two are so cute and comfortable together, and their puppy is ADORABLE. Look at that face!

IT'S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE!! (Name that movie reference :))

Here we go.

I love that Elise's response was to cover her face with one hand when David got down on his knee, and then to cover her face with two hands as he proposed. She was so shocked!


I am so excited for these two!

David looks SO happy in this one!

Yay for being engaged!

I would like to have a moment of silence for this ring. Seriously, David, you have my respect. This this is GORGEOUS!

The happily engaged couple :)

And last but not least, when I asked Elise if she had any pictures in mind that she really wanted to have, she said she wanted a picture of her puppy with the skyline. How could I say no to this face? :)

Congratulations David and Elise! I am so excited for you, and I can't wait for you to get married!

Engaged! Andrew & Steph : Piedmont Park

Get ready for my favorite type of engagement session: full of laughter, snuggling and of course LOTS of color! Andrew & Steph are Georgia Tech grads (Go Jackets!) who met by chance on a cruise a few years ago. It wasn't until they returned home that they realized they actually shared a group of friends on campus! I'm often amazed by how God chooses to step in and bring people together, and in this case it's certain that Andrew and Steph were made for each other. They are the best of friends, and their warm and friendly personalities made me realize from the moment we met that we were also a perfect match. We braved the cold in Atlanta this weekend and ventured into Piedmont Park to capture the last bits and pieces of fall color that still clung to the trees there. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Steph and I have one very convenient trait in common: We both laugh when we're nervous (aka, when there's a camera in our face). This makes capturing smiles and giggles that much easier, AND it has the added bonus of making me feel funny because she laughs no matter what corny joke I say! Haha.

I love evergreens. They manage to add a little bit of color to the otherwise gray palette that settles over Atlanta in the winter time.

Oh, hello there Atlanta skyline! So nice of you to show up. :)

I love the demure little smile Steph has in the photo on the left.

Since their session did take place in the winter, I thought it only fair that we worked in a few of the dead trees. I love the symmetry in these photos, too. :)

OK, so you've seen my favorite beautiful, cute, cuddly photos from their session. Now it's time for the blooper reel! :) I'm hoping Steph and Andrew don't mind, because these are too cute not to share! As I mentioned before, Steph laughs and laughs and laughs when she's nervous. Despite his understanding of this fact, Andrew is often caught unaware and ends up making the following "Wow, I think I just went deaf" face.

In the end, though, they return to their snuggling, and all is right with the world. :) Steph and Andrew, you two are so much fun to be around. Your warm and easy going personalities make it easy to feel like I've known you for a long time, and we haven't just met. I am SO incredibly excited to be part of your wedding next July!