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Married! Amy & Gino : Kingston, GA

Woo, summer is CRAZY! I love it. I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I've been shooting and shooting and shooting, and I've had very little time for blogging. I couldn't wait any longer to share this wedding with you, though! Meet Amy and Gino, two West Point grads who fell in love in the midst of stress and training at the military academy. They celebrated with their families and close friends at the Governor's House in Kingston, and it was so much fun to be a part of their wedding! Check out all of this delicious color:

Amy and her mom look so much alike. They're both so pretty!

This guy is ridiculous. You can see his muscles through his suit jacket!

Gino's dad reached over and placed a firm hand on his shoulder, voicing his silent congratulations to his son as Amy walked down the aisle. All Gino could do was stare in amazement at his soon to be wife. Fun fact: The most dressed up he'd seen her before their wedding day was when she wore her uniform. Talk about a shock!

Here's a little bit of a different twist on my usual shoe shot. Amy went barefoot for the ceremony, and since she's so much shorter than Gino he thought it would be cute if she stood on his shoes like they were dancing. It was so cute! And I love that her toes are painted to match her wedding colors.

When I met with Amy and Gino before their wedding, I asked them what kinds of photos were most important to them. Amy responded, "I would love to have a picture of my parents dancing. My dad doesn't really dance, so it's a long shot, but just in case..." You're welcome, Amy :)

I just love this guy's face. He looks so joyful, and it makes me smile!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Steffenata!

Check back tomorrow for a preview of Erika & Dan's engagement photos.