Dunwoody Country Club Wedding Photos

Married! Andrew & Stephanie : Dunwoody Country Club

Their love began on the open sea, which is really just a semi-poetic way to say that Stephanie and Andrew met on boat! :) Steph had planned to spend her spring break laying lazily in the sun with her gal pals. She never imagined that she would end up meeting her future husband through a mutual friend. As it turns out, both Steph and Andrew were students at Georgia Tech, but it took them cruising across the Caribbean to finally meet one another. When their time spent soaking up the sun was done, they returned to campus with their eyes on each other, neither knowing that the other was interested in being more than friends. As it turns out, what began as a random meeting turned into a strong relationship, and I was invited to celebrate with their families and document the first day of their marriage.

I'm going to begin by showing off their fabulous details. Steph and her bridesmaids got ready at her mom's house, which was a beautiful backdrop to photograph her wedding dress with.

Pat Doyle of MG Floral Designs did a fantastic job with the floral arrangements! I loved the color palette of Steph's bouquet.

Steph looked radiant as her mom helped her into her dress.

Hello gorgeous!

As soon as I peeked into the bathroom, I was in love with this antique looking tub. Classy!

Steph and all of her lovely bridesmaids had their hair and make up done by the team at Brushworx. They did such an incredible job! Seriously, don't all of these ladies look flawless?

Andrew and Steph were lucky enough to have my good friend Anne as their second shooter for the day. She grabbed all of the photographs of the guys while I was hanging out with the girls.

The temperature outside was in the upper 90s on Saturday, so Steph chose to have most of her photos taken inside. I usually do my best to always shoot outside on wedding days, but I never back down from a challenge! I thought this wall in the church provided such a cool backdrop for Steph's bridal portraits.

Apparently great minds think alike, because Anne grabbed a few photos of Andrew there as well! :) These would look great in an album together.

The ceremony was held at All Saints Catholic Church in Dunwoody. Steph looks so happy in this shot!

I have several simpler shots of Andrew watching Steph walk down the aisle, but I think the emotion in this one comes through so clearly since her veil hides one side of his face. He looks mesmerized!

After the ceremony, we headed down the Dunwoody Country Club for the reception. This hallway provided a beautiful (and air conditioned) location for their portraits together.

Steph, your smile is beautiful! :)

Sweet :)

This is why I love having a second shooter along at weddings. While I was grabbing the above shot, Anne was grabbing this one.

love the light in this shot.

Riding away in the Rambling Wreck is a tradition in Andrew's family, so of course their wedding wouldn't be complete without a few photos with it!

I love brides like Steph because they make me feel a million times funnier than I actually am. Haha! :)

Karol Sherling of Divalicious Delights provided Andrew and Stephanie with their welcome gifts for out of town guests, their thank you cookies and, of course, their cake. I love her designs,but even more than that I love the FLAVOR of her cakes! Oh man, you have not truly enjoyed wedding cake until you've tasted Karol's cakes. They're delicious!

Yet again, MG Florals did a beautiful job with the reception arrangements.

First dance time!

Anne grabbed the next two photos, which I'm completely in love with!

I also love this shot I grabbed of Steph's mom during the toasts. You can see where she gets her incredible smile!

Once the cakes had been cut, dinner had been served and Steph and Andrew had a chance to greet most of their guests, we sneaked outside for a few more portraits. You know how I love shooting outside at sunset, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot in this dreamy light.

Andrew and Steph left their reception in style, covered by bubbles and serenaded with shouts of "Go Jackets" and an impassioned rendition of Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech.

They participated in the last cheer of the night: "Fight! Win! Drink! GET NAKED!!"

Steph and Andrew, I feel truly blessed to have been part of your wedding day. I wish you lots of joy and laughter in your adventures together, and I look forward to seeing you again!