Del'avant Event Center Wedding Photos

Married! Ross & Sarah : Del'avant Event Center

Four years ago, a young couple took a chance on me when I was just starting out on my own. The faith and trust that they put in me drove me to create some of my favorite images I've ever shot, and I still have a sample album that I share with potential clients that is filled with their wedding photos. That couple was Ian & Jenna, and my business and clientele have evolved in part thanks to their belief in me. When Jenna shared her wedding photos with Sarah four years ago, Sarah was not in the process of planning her wedding, but she knew then that she wanted me to be her photographer. I have been so blessed in the last few years to connect with clients who encourage and inspire me, and Ross and Sarah are the type of clients who I love to create for. They are an amazing and sweet couple, and I am so glad that I got connected with them. Being able to photograph their beautiful wedding day was such a gift. It was personal and touching, and everyone can tell that these two are in the process of building a future that will bring glory to God. The stunning floral arrangements were made by Kimblerly of Bloomwoods (Formerly Kimberly Nelson Floral Design, who also created the bouquets for Ian and Jenna's wedding back in 2008). Aren't these stunning? I love the little pine cone looking pieces. Kimberly told me what they were, but of course I can't remember. I was too busy getting lost in all of this beauty! :)

The way that they transformed the christian life center at First Baptist Church LaGrange was absolutely incredible! I loved all of the LED lights in the trees.

We wandered around the LaGrange College campus as well as the city square for their portraits. I think I may be falling for the small town of LaGrange :)

Come on, Sarah, could you BE more adorable?!

SO sweet!

I have to give props again to Kimberly at Bloomwoods. The Del'avant event center looked absolutely breathtaking!