Stone Bridge Farms Wedding

It looked like an ordinary letter; a note scrawled with a #2 pencil on college ruled notebook paper. It looked ordinary, but the words written on the outside - "To the One" - declared that this note was special. Chaz went through a very difficult season of life when he was in high school, and in the midst of his pain, he wrote a letter to his future bride. He told her how excited he was to meet her one day, how thankful we was for her, how much he would cherish her, and that he was praying for her. He put it away in a safe place where it remained until the night of his rehearsal dinner. On that night, almost 10 years later, he gave the letter to his beloved bride: Kaye Leigh. 

Two years ago at Whit and Abby's Fox Hall wedding, I met Whit's charming, bubbly, beautiful inside-and-out sister Kaye Leigh, and now I get to introduce her to you as a bride. Chaz and Kaye Leigh's rustic Southern wedding at Stone Bridge Farms was one for the history books! Every detail was planned to perfection. The floral arrangements overflowed with romantic peonies, roses, and greenery, bringing a touch of Southern charm and softness to the rustic chapel and reception hall, but the thing that stands out most about this wedding is the joy shared by everyone involved. I hope that you enjoy this preview of Chaz and Kaye Leigh's wedding day!

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