Steven & Danielle : Eagles Brooke Country Club Wedding

I could hear the longing in her voice as I listened to her story. "We've had to reschedule our wedding twice because Steven is a Marine, and when he gets an assignment, he has to go. When we got engaged, I wanted the big, beautiful wedding that every little girl dreams of. But now? I just want to marry him." And that's exactly what she did. When Danielle found out that Steven was granted leave around the New Year, they decided that they would host a small family celebration wherever they could. She called around to every venue she could find searching for a location that would accommodate them with a two week notice. She ordered her shoes, asked a highly talented florist to put together her bouquet, and called me to see if I would document their wedding day. Danielle put aside her dreams of the big, high production wedding and began making plans for the life that she wanted to build together with Steven.

Not even the cold, rainy weather could rob Steven and Danielle of their warmth and joy that day. They clasped hands, embraced family and friends, and celebrated with every ounce of love that they had for one another. And you know what? Their wedding day was perfect exactly as it was.

Venue: Eagles Brooke Country Club. Florist: Rebekah Moody of Forage and Fleur