Sneak Peeks and Crazies : Atlanta, GA

Oh blog. How I have loved and missed you. :) Hey everyone! I apologize for the extreme lack of blog posts these last few weeks. Between photographing weddings, engagements, headshots and events, meeting with new clients, and fighting to keep my highest honors status for graduation, I have been swamped! The good part, though, is that I have a lot to share with you over the next few weeks, and there's much more to come. I still have 6 weddings left to shoot this year. Woohoo! Strap in for the ride, because it's going to be so much fun! And since I love you guys, here are a few sneak peeks I have to share.

And of course I couldn't post this on my blog without throwing some humor at you. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Matt Yung and Lauren Wright, AKA the CRAZIES!