Serenbe Engagement : Whit & Abby

When Whit's friends set him up on a blind double date, he wasn't expecting much. He certainly didn't expect to be introduced to a blonde haired, blue eyed fox like Abby. He couldn't believe he'd been set up with such a beautiful woman, and his first thought was This girl is way out of my league. So rather than pursuing conversation with Abby, he joined in conversation with his friends and didn't make much of an effort to get to know her. Abby's first impression of Whit was This guy is completely uninterested in me. He spoke to his friends more often than he spoke directly to her, and she couldn't seem to engage him in meaningful conversation. Rather than fight for his attention, she decided just to enjoy her dinner and the company of her friends, and she chalked it up as a mismatched blind date.

They almost missed each other. There they were, two people being introduced to their future spouse, and they almost missed it. But luckily, as they departed the restaurant, they had a few minutes to chat together. What could have been a simple goodbye turned into a moment that caught both of their attention. Whit quickly realized that Abby was a woman worth fighting for, and he asked for her phone number. Abby was surprised in his sudden change of heart, but she gave him her phone number and was pleasantly surprised when he called three days later to ask her out. It didn't take long after that for both of them to realize that they had met their perfect match.

I met up with Whit and Abby on Saturday evening, which happened to be the anniversary of that fateful first date. They laughed as they recounted the awkwardness and feigned indifference that they had shared that night, and they smiled as they considered the adventures that they will encounter together as part of their shared future. I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding with them next July!