Serenbe Engagement : Gamble & Taylor

Their friendship began in the 7th grade. They don't remember where or how they met, because theirs was the kind of relationship that began easily and comfortably. Their friendship slipped quietly into their lives, filling a space that they didn't know was empty; a space that seemed to be made for the other person to fill. The day that they met was probably an ordinary middle school day - a day filled with bustling hallways, homework assignments, and notes passed when the teacher wasn't looking. That day, beneath the not-so-romantic glow of fluorescent lights,  their lives were forever changed. And they didn't even know it. Gamble and Taylor remained close friends throughout middle and high school, but like many young adults they lost touch when they left home for college. Gamble headed to Alabama while Taylor began her new life at Auburn. They made new friends and new memories, and they didn't think much about the friendship that they had left behind until Spring Break of their senior year. Gamble was wandering the streets of Key West with a group of his friends when he noticed a slender blonde making her way through a crowd of people. He looked through his phone, found Taylor's cell phone number, and called. When the beautiful blonde woman he had his eye on answered her phone, he was amazed. He could not understand how he had managed to run into one of his childhood friends while so far from home, but he knew one thing for sure - he was not letting her slip out of his life again.

Gamble graduated shortly after their chance encounter, and it was not long before he asked Taylor out on their first date. And then another. And then another. A few months ago, he asked her to be his wife, and I'll be joining them as they begin their journey into marriage next summer. Gamble and Taylor, I had so much fun wandering around Serenbe for your session, and I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding with you!