Noah & Ashley : Queensberry Press Album

Winter is in full swing around Lauren Wright Weddings, which means I'm busy filling print orders, designing and ordering albums, and booking weddings for the upcoming season. I am so excited to be working with each couple that I've met with so far this year, and I can't wait to share their weddings with you! In the mean time, I'll be sharing some of the work I've been doing behind the scenes lately to spruce up my brand and client experience. The first is upgrading my sample albums. The two sample albums that I have in studio right now are both from 2008 weddings - talk about old school! I am excited to update my sample with more recent clients as well as upgrading the quality of the albums themselves. I'll still be offering the sleek, simple FINAO albums that my clients have loved for so long, but I'm also adding Queensberry Press Albums to my selection. As far as I'm concerned, Queensberry albums are unrivaled in quality in the wedding album industry. The style of the matted press album is the perfect compliment to the style of my images, and I can't wait to hold this album in my hands!