Melanie & Bryce : Coolidge, GA

It's late and I really should be climbing into bed right now, but I just couldn't go to sleep without sharing some new images with you guys! These are from a wedding that I shot last Saturday with my friend Jill Higgins in Coolidge, GA. The wedding was very intimate as it took place on the family's huge farm in south Georgia, and all of the details were inspired by a warm, fall color palette which I absolutely loved! Enjoy!

Melanie was such an adorable bride, and her facial expression changed every few seconds during the ceremony!

Melanie's best friends cling to one another as they witness the start of this new family. I adore this shot!

It was a beautiful (though rather chilly) evening for an outdoor reception. I loved being able to capture their celebration unfold under the wide open, blue skies. It was breathtaking.

Jill, thanks again for inviting me to shoot with you! I had a great time.