Married! Zach & Lauren : Capital City Club, Atlanta GA

Lauren didn't believe me when I told her that I've never had a bridezilla as a client. She laughed and said, "You're just being professional. You have to say that." I just smiled, because what I said is absolutely true. My clients are incredible couples who understand one thing above all else: being married is more important than getting married. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy serving them so much! And Zach and Lauren were no exception. They were completely relaxed and at ease all day. While they were excited to celebrate their marriage with friends and family, they recognized that their wedding day was not the beginning of their love story. They've been building a life together since they met, and their wedding was just another part of a commitment they'd already made to encourage, challenge, and love each other. So they laughed, danced, and partied the night away without a care, knowing that the next day of their married lives would be just as important as the first.