Married! Trey & Rebecca : St. Simon's Island, GA

Oh. My. Goodness. What an incredible weekend! Robert and I drove down to St. Simon's Island this weekend to photograph Trey and Rebecca's wedding, and it was such an amazing day. From the time I walked into the bride's condo Saturday afternoon, I was greeted and welcomed like a member of the family. Rebecca's joy overflowed and she seemed to dance from place to place as she waited to see her handsome groom. I was excited to photograph every detail of her wonderful day, especially her shoes. I told her that if she couldn't find them at the end of the day, it's because they had become the "something borrowed" for my wedding. How great are they?

See what I mean by "overflowing joy?" It's written all over her face.


Rebecca actually used Jenna's bridesmaid bouquets as the inspiration for her own bouquet. She loved the bright, happy colors Jenna used, and they fit in perfectly with the rest of her details.

I love this idea that Trey had for the groomsmen's boutonnieres. He didn't want them to be really floral, so he suggested using seashells as the centerpiece of the boutonniere instead. They were really cool and perfectly beachy.

The tide was rising really quickly, so as soon as Trey and Rebecca had their first look we walked down by the rocks to grab a few beach pictures before the water took up the little bit of sand we had left to walk on.


Gorgeous - plain and simple. :)

As if the King and Prince wasn't beautiful enough on the outside, it also has these amazing lounges where we took refuge from the blazing heat. Even though the AC was cranked up, Trey and Rebecca managed to bring a little bit of heat inside with them.


Again: She's gorgeous.

And Trey wasn't looking too bad, either. One of his fraternity brothers handled all of the styling for the guys, and he did an amazing job! I thought they all looked really handsome in their khaki suits and flip flops.



I know, I know, I'm obsessed with her shoes. I can't help it! I love shoe shots in general, but this was just too cute to pass up!

Right before we rejoined the rest of the wedding party, I told them to slip into the phone booth for some sneaky kissing shots. They were happy to snuggle and kiss like no one was watching!

Do you see anyone familiar here? That's because Kim, Rebecca and Emily were all bridesmaids in Christine's wedding in June, and they all came back together for Rebecca's wedding! Want to know something else that's pretty cool? Kim recently got engaged, also, and I'll be joining this crew again for her wedding next June.

Hello handsome groomsmen! I think they pull off the serious look pretty well, don't you?

This was such a sweet moment. Right before Rebecca walked down the aisle, her bridesmaids and all of the women in her family surrounded her to lift her up in prayer.

Ceremony time! And guess what: they were both really, really excited. Can't you tell?

All together now, ladies: Awww, how cute! This is one of those shots that just pulls at my heart strings.

Finally married!

You know how much I love dancing shots. Trey and Rebecca had a choreographed first dance, and they pulled it off beautifully.


I love this moment from the end of Rebecca's dance with her dad.

The photo on the right is another of my favorites to capture. At every Alpha Gam wedding, the sisters circle around the bride and sing to her. It's a simple, sweet way to celebrate our sisterhood and the new adventure that the bride is going on in marriage.


Last but not least, I had to post this shot of all of the Alpha Gam girls that were at the wedding. These girls were my sisters, roommates, supporters, encouragers and friends in college, and I love having so many opportunities to reconnect with them!