Married! Tom & Tiffany : Destin, FL

When a young woman walks into her home and finds a stranger on her couch, your first thought usually isn't, "They'll probably fall in love." Well, unless you're talking about a romantic comedy of some sort. But that was the case with Tom and Tiffany. Tom, who is from London, was exploring the US and needed a place to crash for a few days. He connected with Tiffany through a series of mutual friends, and she invited him to stay with her while he was traveling through her area. She never imagined when she came home from the grocery store that day that she'd be meeting her future husband. As they sat and talked that night, they discovered that they have a shared passion for literature and travel. They both studied literature in college, and they have a passion for seeing the world. Tom left sooner than either of them wanted, but a few weeks later called Tiffany to see if she'd be interested in joining in his travels for a week or so. She happily agreed, and they fell in love as they explored the North East US together. Their relationship has been full of adventure ever since.

They chose Destin as their wedding location because Tiffany's family owns a condo on the beach, and they set their wedding date for 3 weeks later. Their wedding was intimate - less than 15 guests - beautiful, and a perfect. I am falling in love with small weddings, mostly because they connect me with incredible couples like Tom and Tiffany. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do!