Married! Seth & Emily : Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I have the best job in the world, and I'm about to show you why. Are you ready? I hope so. I have the most wonderful clients in the world, and I owe my supreme job satisfaction to them. Seth and Emily are such a fun, relaxed couple, and I was ecstatic when they invited me to join them for their intimate Las Caletas wedding. But before I jump into their wedding photos, I have to show you the view from my room at the Dreams Resort. It was absolutely stunning.

Yep, that photo was taken at sunrise. My day began very early, because I got up to accompany Emily and her mini-entourage to Caletas. We spent the morning chilling on the beach. Again: Best. Job. In the world. OK, I'm done now. Almost. I promise. :)

Emily was so excited and nervous, and she couldn't sit down for very long. Every few minutes she'd walk out into the waves and just breathe. It was as if she was watching the horizon, waiting for Seth to arrive. I love that you can see her reflection on the beach in this shot.

Emily's dress was absolutely beautiful. It had a vintage feel, and it suited her perfectly.

Warning: I kind of went a little crazy with the detail shots. Again. You know how I adore my details!

I love the warm, tropical palette she chose for her decor. Nicole is one of the lead wedding planners for Adventure Weddings, and she styled the event wonderfully. I was so excited to see her again. I worked with her for William and Hilary's wedding last July, and I was so glad that she passed my name along to Emily and Seth. Nicole: You know I think you're fabulous. I look forward to working with you again once I'm a married woman! Woohoo!

Emily was not sure she wanted a professional make up artist at first, but after thinking it over she decided she wanted to make the investment. I always think it's smart to go with a professional, and Fernando did such an amazing job!

See? As if she wasn't gorgeous enough already. Oh my goodness. :)

It was finally time for Emily and Seth to see each other. Doesn't Emily look so excited? The light was so warm and beautiful.

SNUGGLES!! :) This photo makes me want to hug on my sweetheart. Where is he when I need him?

You two look like you stepped straight out of a magazine. Seriously.

I could shoot here all the time. Can you blame me?

Ceremony time!

The look on Seth's face just makes my heart melt. To my current and future brides: This photo proves that seeing each other before the ceremony does not take away anything from it. Nothing could ruin this moment. Your man goes from being a bachelor to a husband in about 20 steps. It's overwhelming and magical and powerful, and breaking a silly superstition won't take that away from you.

Seth: Please spend your whole life showing Emily this much adoration. She'll never have to wonder how much you love her if you look at her just like this.

They are smiley people. I love that about them :)


Seth and Emily: You're wonderful. I had such an amazing time getting to know you and celebrating with you and your families. I pray that your love will be strengthened with each new day, and I wish you many adventures in your lives together.