Married! Matt & Patti : Powder Springs, GA

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I often gush about how much I adore my gorgeous brides and my handsome grooms, and I always talk about how cute my couples are. And let's face it - I photograph some REALLY beautiful couples - but every once and a while I have the pleasure of photographing two people whose hearts are so beautiful I look at their images and I see more than just what they look like. I see their passion to serve God and to serve others. I see how much light they bring into the lives of the people around them. I see the strength of their families and the determination that they have to build a home that honors their Savior. And I truly believe that I am the one who was blessed to be a part of their wedding. This is one of those couples. Matt and Patti are very different people, but they serve the Lord together with equal joy, and documenting their love reminded me what I love so much about weddings. So to Matt and Patti, thank you. I hope these images bring as much joy to your hearts as they bring to mine. Thank you for being such great friends. :)