Married! Matt & Carolyn : Stone Mountain, GA

I know there are quite a few people who have been waiting to see these, and I am SO excited to share them with all of you! Despite the fact that most brides and grooms are confident about their relationship and their planning, often they are really nervous on their wedding day. The ladies can't get ready soon enough, and the guys can't stand still on the altar until they see their bride. Matt & Carolyn were not this kind of couple. They were excited about being married, but the wedding itself was not a point of stress. They were both very relaxed, and they just enjoyed the sweetness of their day.

Everyone loved the colors that Carolyn chose for the wedding. I think the navy and green went really well together.

Isn't Carolyn a beautiful bride?

The groom was looking pretty great, too!

I love this. Matt's sister started crying before Carolyn even started walking down the aisle. It was so cute!

Alone at last.

This area downstairs was really cool. The guys hung out here for most of the day, but when I had Matt and Carolyn together, we just had to go down there to grab a few shots.

It was a pretty hot day, but we just had to grab a few shots outside! The landscape around Vecoma is green and beautiful (my favorite!) and I love the way these turned out.

Then we headed inside for the reception. I love this shot of Carolyn dancing with her dad.

Being the super awesome Georgia Tech students and fans that they are, they decided to change into their game day best for their exit. They look so cute!

Matt and Carolyn, thanks so much for inviting me to celebrate your wedding with you!