Married! Kevin & Meagan : Senoia, GA

My heart began to beat faster at the pastor spoke these words over Kevin & Meagan: "Love each other. Love each other so much that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look at the photos from today and still be talking about your love after you are gone." I meet with brides all the time, and we often talk about the fact that wedding photos carry special importance because they are one of the few things from your wedding day that you carry with you. But for some reason, this pastor's words touched my heart in a new way. In a few years, Kevin and Meagan probably won't remember my name. They won't be able to recall every precious memory that they made on their wedding day, but they will be able to pull out their wedding photos and remember the joy that they shared that day. Their young children will crawl up in their lap as mommy and daddy share their love story with them. They will be able to see how much love and laughter their parents shared on that day.

Kevin and Meagan, to say I was thankful to be a part of your wedding would be a gross understatement. Your love for each other inspires me. Your love for the Lord challenges me. Your families love for each other encourages me. Celebrating with you has given me a renewed passion for my work, and I cannot thank you enough for that. You are both wonderful and dearly loved. I pray that your lives are full of experiences that draw you deeper and deeper in love with our incredible Savior and that you'll look back at your wedding photos years and years from now and be inspired again by the vows that you made to each other on that day.

Meagan is such a smarty. She wore really, REALLY comfortable shoes!

Hello, hot tamale! :) Meagan you are SO gorgeous!

Yeah, Kevin isn't too bad, either. :)

I told Robert I loved Meagan's tattoo. He told me there's no way in you know where I'm getting one. Haha Meagan it looks like I'll be letting you carry the awesomeness of your tattoo alone!

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but these portraits might be some of my favorites ever! Kevin and Meagan, you guys ROCK!

Hello, blue skies. I like you. Especially when you're full of clouds. :)

After the ceremony at New Hope South in Senoia, we headed to Flat Creek Country Club for their reception. It was such a great party!

Kevin & Meagan, you are wonderful. Your love brings the light and warmth of Christ's love into the lives of people around you. I pray that you continue to love each other with the love of Christ and that, generations from now, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will still be talking about your amazing love.