Married! Josh & Becky : Asheville, NC

A gentle breeze blew through the trees, rustling the leaves that were just starting to change colors. It was a perfect, cool fall day - an ideal day for Josh and Becky's outdoor wedding. I loved spending the day with these two. Every detail of their wedding was personalized, and they made sure that they had plenty of time to relax and enjoy their celebration together. They didn't care about putting on a grand production. They just wanted to share the joy of coming together as husband and wife. It was amazing.

I don't usually post this many detail images, but I couldn't help sharing these with you. Josh and Becky's wedding was held on the farm that Josh and his family used to live on part of the year. They lived in this old house for years.

I'm always so excited when my clients come up with creative ways to record the presence of their guests. Josh and Becky had everyone sign their names and messages on baseballs. How cute!

When I first started talking to Becky about scheduling photos, she made one thing very clear: She and Josh wanted to be able to spend time together alone before we started taking pictures. She didn't just want a few moments. She wanted to take time to talk and pray with Josh privately before the day began, and I was happy to let her. I stood at a distance and snapped this photo. I love it because it shows the privacy of their time together.

I had SO MUCH fun wandering around the farm taking pictures. There were so many beautiful locations to shoot in!

I love this photo of Becky. It shows off her joyful spirit.

The guys looked sharp in their vests and dress pants. It was dressy but casual - perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

HELLO beautiful bridesmaids! These ladies were such a treat to photograph.


Finally married!

They invited all of their guests to their fall shindig reception, complete with delicious barbecue, cupcakes, Frisbee and corn hole.

When they left, the guests showered them with rice. And when I say showered, I mean SHOWERED! Becky had rice all in her hair!

Josh and Becky, I know that God has an amazing plan for your life together. I can't wait to see how He uses your love for each other to share His love with the world. Vaya con Dios!