Married! Joe & Jennifer : Atlanta, GA

I love this couple. They share a love that is genuine and full of joy. Their relationship is firmly founded on the sure belief that they were made for each other, and it's not difficult to see. During their wedding ceremony, the ministers read love letters that these two wrote to each other, and I think Jennifer communicated her excitement best in these words: Joe, I can't believe this day is finally here. I have been waiting for you. When we met, I knew that you would be mine forever. I loved Jennifer's love letter so much that I decided to include excerpts from it throughout this post. Anything written in italics is straight from Jenn's heart to Joe's.

I have a thing for delicate, feminine veils, and I love how cute Jennifer looks all wrapped up in hers.

Can't you just feel her anticipation?

Jennifer, I can't think of a more appropriate word to describe you than lovely. You are lovely. :)

And you're groom isn't too shabby, either!

Jennifer and her father spend a moment alone in the bride's room right before walking down the aisle.

I love the overwhelming comfort that Jennifer expressed in her love letter to Joe. It is the comfort of knowing that after a long and arduous journey, your soul has finally found its match. I knew without a doubt you were the answer to my prayers.

You are and always will be my heart, my home, my family and my future. I love you with everything I am and everything we will be together.

Peachtree Christian Church is so beautiful, so after we photographed the families together, we stuck around to grab a few of the newlyweds.

Joe and Jennifer's reception was held at the Garden Tent at Park Tavern, and even though it was pitch dark outside, we ventured out into the night to grab a few shots with the Atlanta skyline in the background. The more I shoot at night, the more in love I get with these kinds of photos.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs! Congratulations!!

Their dance was part waltz, part high energy swing, and it was definitely a crowd pleaser!

Joe and Jennifer, you are truly wonderful. I had so much fun celebrating with the two of you. Your love story has encouraged me greatly, and I wish you many healthy, athletic adventures together in your future :)