Married! Derrick and Tina : Auburn, GA

You may remember Derrick and Tina from their engagement session in Piedmont Park. They brought along a blanket and picnic basket and just enjoyed the afternoon. Their love for the simple pleasures in life was brought through in their wedding as well. Tina wore a beautiful, classic gown that perfectly suited her personality. The location was decorated with lovely green and ivory arrangements, and the whole event was simple and elegant. I loved being a part of it.

I am incredibly blessed as a photographer. I think my brides are absolutely stunning, and Tina is no exception. She's gorgeous!

I love how happy Derrick looks here.

The Carl House is such a beautiful location for a wedding. Denise and the rest of the Carl House team are very professional and they're a pleasure to work with. Not to mention, the light in this shot just makes me want to melt with happiness!

Happily married! :)

I love the property around the Carl House. There are so many different places to shoot.

I love the way the photo on the left shows off the detailing on Tina's gown.

Like I mentioned in their sneak peek, Derrick and Tina rode off in a vintage Bentley, so naturally we had to take some pictures with it!

I know this one is really grainy, but I love it anyway. Embrace the grain! :)

What a cute couple of snugglers! This photo is so sweet.


Last one for the day! I can't think of a better way to end a wedding post.

Derrick and Tina, I had SO MUCH FUN celebrating with the two of you and your families! Seriously, yall are amazing, and I wish you many adventures in your married lives.