Married! David & Emily : Alpharetta, GA

Where does time go? How has it been a week since I last blogged? I have so many wonderful things to share with you. A week ago I stood on the beach in Sarasota and watched the Lord display His love and grace as two people put past struggles behind them and vowed to move forward together in love. In was an incredible day to be a part of, and I'll be sharing those photos with you later this week, but first I have to share this super elegant wedding with you. I'll begin (as I usually do) with the fabulous details. I love fall color palettes!

Emily's mom made her veil to match the detailing on her dress. It was beautiful.

I loved seeing how her friends' faces lit up when she walked into the room. I also love that you can see Emily's reflection in the mirror. :)

Are you kidding me? Hello gorgeous!

Emily takes a deep breath moments before she walks down the aisle.

David and Emily had an evening wedding, so it was dark by the time we went outside for pictures. They were brave, though, and went right out into the cold to snuggle for a few pictures.

I don't usually share this many reception photos, but I just had to post these. This is why I love dancing pictures so much. I love capturing people who just let go, forget I'm there and enjoy themselves. I love the laughter and smiles I'm able to catch.

Yeah, all of that partying wore out the sweet little flower girl.

David and Emily, I had such an amazing time photographing your wedding! Thanks for inviting me to celebrate with you.