Married! Daniel & Phebe : Columbus, GA

I knew from the moment I read Phebe's first email that I wanted to be part of her wedding. Her energy and enthusiasm are beautiful and contagious, and I found myself wanting to get to know her better. Now that I have met her, Daniel and their families, I can say with absolute certainty that she is every bit as wonderful a person as I imagined her to be. She did not stop smiling and laughing all day! While we were waiting for her to arrive for the first look, Daniel filled me in on their love story. Though they have only been "together" for a little over a year, they were friends for year before that. It just took them a while to realize how right for each other they were. Their story makes my soul sing, because I know first hand what a beautiful marriage can be built on the solid foundation of friendship. Enjoy a peek into their wonderful wedding day!

I want to pause and say a HUGE thanks to my sweet friend Anne Almasy who joined me at the last minute on Saturday. She took the next photo on the right.