Married! Brandon & Taylor - The Metropolitan Club

The best man smiled as he spoke. "You see, I was there at the beginning..." Brandon and Taylor made eye contact with each other and began to laugh like crazy, because they knew their story was about to be shared with a room full of people. Their romance began like many that start in college- They made eye contact across a crowded bar. But that attraction that began with a simple look soon grew into a strong love that has carried them through rough times together. Brandon is a Captain in the Air Force, so he and Tay have to spend months apart at a time. They were actually worried at one point that he would not be able to be at the wedding due to all of the current unrest in the Middle East. If any couple is built to endure, though, these two are. They can handle any stress that comes their way as long as they have each other. So they walked down the aisle, courageously promised to love and serve each other for the rest of their days, and then partied the night away with their closest friends and family. Their wedding was the perfect balance of elegance and fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I am in LOVE with Taylor's beautiful wedding gown! It was exquisitely detailed and elegant, and Taylor looked amazing in it.

Say hello to Taylor's bridesmaids! Every one of these girls is an Alpha Gam sister of mine, and I think they're incredibly gorgeous! And do you remember the lady on the far left? I shared her proposal story back in June, and I'll be photographing her wedding next October. I'm telling you, I love these ladies. :)

This is Ryann, Taylor's little sis. Can you believe that this much beauty exists in one family?

Work it, ladies!

Sarah Marie showing off a beautiful bridesmaid bouquet. I loved all of Brandon & Taylor's details!

Next it was the guy's turn to show off how handsome they could be. I think they did a great job.

Brandon gave sunglasses to each of his groomsmen, so of course we had to take a picture with them.

... And of course they couldn't hold their serious expressions very long. This group love to have fun!

Taylor was working so hard not to break down as she walked down the aisle. It was precious.

Married! Yay!

Simply stunning.

After portrait time it was party time! Brandon and Taylor hosted their reception at the Metropolitan Club in Alpharetta.