Married! Asher & Lorena : Carl House, Auburn GA

I knew it was going to be a great day when I ascended the staircase at Lorena's home and her mom greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. As I stood among her family members, quietly documenting their playful chatter, warm smiles and heart felt laughter, I felt completely at ease and at home. I must have shared that feeling with Lorena, because while there was activity buzzing all around her, she was the picture of calm. Her closest girl friends were scrambling to finish their hair and makeup, her mom was trying to decide whether or not to wear a crazy hairpiece, and the hair dresser was arranging and rearranging Lorena's thick black hair, but she didn't seem to notice any of it. She was just excited to be marrying Asher.

I love these two pictures, because her joy is written all over her face.

Lorena styled her wedding with an elegant, vintage-inspired theme, and her soft, feminine gown and delicate bouquet were absolutely beautiful.

She was also sporting a beautiful birdcage veil and feathery hairpiece. Doesn't she look radiant?

My good friend Matt Yung joined me as the second shooter for their wedding, and while I was having fun photographing the girls, he was hanging out with the guys. I love this portrait of Asher, because he just looks so cool and relaxed.

I thought the flower girl looked so cute in her poofy white dress! I loved the rosettes around her neckline. It looks kind of like a necklace.

Lorena's two brothers walked her down the aisle to her eagerly waiting groom.

One of my favorite things about shooting at the Carl House is the beautiful garden and grounds that the property has. It's a breathtaking location, especially at sunset.

The ballroom at the Carl House is equally as beautiful as the grounds. They dressed it up beautifully in silver and lavender.

LOVE! Isn't this one of the cutest cake toppers you've ever seen?

Asher and Lorena surprised their guests with a choreographed first dance. The first part was a waltz, and the second was a fun, spicy Latin dance! Everyone loved it.