Married! Alex & Elizabeth : Forest Park, GA

While exquisite features and expensive details can make a wedding day visually appealing, these things are not required in order for a wedding to be beautiful. All you have to do is take a look at Liz and Alex's wedding to see what I mean. They didn't invest in the production of their wedding day. Instead, they spent the day relaxing, laughing, and celebrating with their closest friends and family. This is a couple that truly invests in the relationships that they build, and I could see that reflected in the warm smiles and embraces that they shared with their guests. They love the Lord and were so excited as they vowed to build their marriage upon the solid foundation of His word. It was an incredible day to be a part of!

This wedding was photographed as part of The Joyful Project. If you know someone who is having an intimate wedding and would celebrate having beautiful photographs, send them my way! I'd love to have the opportunity to document more wonderful couples like Alex & Liz!