Love and Legacy

When I began blogging in 2007, my online journal was simply an outlet on which I shared my most recent work. Lately, I've realized that I want my blog to be more than an extension of my portfolio. I want it to be a medium through which I connect with, encourage, and uplift otheres. I am a storyteller at heart, and I want to share stories that are authentic and meaningful. I began this process a few years ago by sharing thoughts and stories from my own life, and this year I've decided to include thoughts and reflections from my clients, as well.

Today, I am beginning a new series called "Love and Legacy." Every Friday, I will share a collection of images that is hand picked by my clients. While I certainly have my own favorites and love sharing them, these photographs are not captured for me. They're captured for my clients. They're most valuable to them. They have the most meaning for them. They are the ones who will treasure these images and place them in the hands of their children and grandchildren, and I am so excited to invite them to share their stories with all of you.


"This image captures the overwhelming joy and love I felt the whole day, especially seeing my beautiful bride for the first time." - Jake


"As a couple there is no better picture to describe the love and happiness we felt on that day than this image of Jake holding me in his arms, kissing my forehead, and calmly whispering he loves me as I break down and cry." - Jake & Liz


"One word -- JOY!!! Because although this might have been the end of our wedding day, it marked the beginning of our new life together as husband and wife. I can't think of a better way to start a marriage than to be surrounded by family and friends in a place of immeasurable value. The double doors behind us belonged in the church where Jeff's parents, Bobby and Lou, were married, and also where Jeff and his three brothers were baptized. Now they are the front doors to Jeff's parent's house on their family farm, and it meant so much to Jeff and me that we had the opportunity to be married through those same doors as well." - Laura


"Maybe it's the way light is pooling in certain patches of the yellow fall leaves coating the woods' floor. Maybe it's knowing that I'm standing in woods that have belonged to Jeff's family for 8 generations. Maybe it's the contrast of the vivid bouquet against my ivory gown and fair skin. Or maybe it's the peaceful look on my face of quiet reflection as I know that I'm about to marry the man God perfectly placed in my life. Perhaps it's the latter, or rather a combination of all of these, that make me feel beautiful in this moment." - Laura