Married! Adam & Lis : King Plow Arts Center

I could hardly contain my excitement as I entered the master suite at the groom's family home, for standing in front of me was a warm, kind, and absolutely lovely bride. Lis is a beautiful, joyful person on a normal day, but she exuded confidence and classic Hollywood elegance on her wedding day. I've learned over the years that her spirit is equally as beautiful as she is, and I had been excitedly awaiting her wedding day for quite a while. She and Adam are the perfect complement for each other. Both are intelligent and driven, and they support each other in the pursuit of their dreams. This was truly a wonderful wedding to be a part of.

Venue: King Plow Arts Center

Decor & Catering: Bold American

Planning & Coordination: Watermark Weddings Atlanta

Cake: The Frosted Pumpkin