Katie & Daniel { Atlanta, GA }

I love spring. It brings hope, renewal and the start of wedding season! OK, so it isn't exactly spring just yet, but I can feel it coming right around the corner. Friday afternoon I'll be flying to Jacksonville to visit my friend Scarlett Lillian. We're shooting a wedding on Saturday, and Sunday we're jetting off to Las Vegas for WPPI. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to photograph a couple, so I was so glad when Katie and Daniel decided to go with me to Piedmont Park to snap a few shots. You may remember Katie from the Run for Roses post I did a few days ago. I love being around her, because she never stops smiling. She and Daniel are so cute together. They love to poke fun at each other, and it's hard to catch them making a straight face!

The following two images have such a great story to go along with them, I have to share! Katie leaned in to kiss Daniel, and as she pulled away, Daniel reached into his shirt pocket for some reason and realized that he had $50 in there! He had no idea where it came from, whose it is or why it was there. We all had a good laugh about it!