Introducing the One, the Only, the OH SO FABULOUS Anne Almasy

From the day Robert and I got engaged, people have been asking me over and over again, "Who will photograph your wedding?" For a while, I responded with a smile and a light hearted, "Who knows!" because I hadn't signed a contract or made a final decision. Ask anyone who really knew me, though, and they would tell you that my mind had been made up before Robert and I had even started dating. Over three years ago, I stumbled across the work of the ever so fabulous Anne Almasy. I immediately fell in love with her style and I knew that we just HAD to be friends! It took me a while to actually connect with her because I was really nervous to email someone I admired so much out of the blue, but from the first time we got together I knew that I wanted her to photograph my wedding.

Fast forward to August 2009. Robert and I had just got engaged, and I dove head first into the wedding planning process. In the four years since I shot my first wedding, I've become friends with some really talented, incredible photographers. Their friendship encourages me and their work inspires me, and I knew it was going to be difficult to select just one person to shoulder the responsibility of preserving my memories for me. I talked to friends from all over the country and did my best to remain objective in finding the right fit for Robert and I. I knew a few things for sure:

  • I wanted someone who had a consistent style that I loved and connected with.
  • I wanted someone I enjoyed spending time with.
  • I wanted to be able to relax on my wedding day, trusting that my photographer would rock out our wedding photos.

Of course cost was also a consideration, but I decided that having a photographer that I absolutely loved was worth investing in. Like I said, I talked to several different people, but my heart still kept running back to Anne. I was excited to share my planning process with her. I was excited for Robert to meet her. I knew I would have her at my wedding whether she photographed it or not, and finally I stopped weighing options and I just went with my heart.

With Anne's permission, I'm sharing some of the Almasy's recent work with all of you. I love the warm, timeless emotion that she is able to capture.

I'm in love with pretty much every photo from this shoot, but I thought I'd just post a few of my absolute favorites!

And last but most definitely NOT least, here is a sneak peek from a mini-session that she did of Robert and I this week.