Introducing : Connection Portraits for Married Couples

With every year that passes, I find myself growing more and more thankful for my mom. For her compassion. For her love. For her support. For her wisdom. For her ability to teach me what it means to be a strong, faithful wife and mother without ever saying a word. She is a remarkable woman. When I was growing up, my dad traveled over 300 days a year. He worked extremely hard to provide for our family, but his travel often placed the burden of caring for myself and my brother squarely on my mom's shoulders. But you know what? I never heard her complain. What I did hear was my mom speaking words of love and affirmation for and about my dad at every opportunity. On Friday nights when dad was due to come home, my mom would send me to bed a little bit earlier than normal, because she wanted to be able to have time alone with him. When I was old enough to ask why, my mom would say, "Your dad and I love you more than you know. But before we chose you, we chose each other. And when you grow up and build a life of your own, it'll just be the two of us again. So we have to make time just for the two of us."

This idea is the foundation of my Connection Portraits for Married Couples. Documenting the lives of your children as they grow is a valuable investment, but documenting the growth and development of your marriage is valuable, too. I believe that this moment in your marriage matters. For the couple who is married without children. For the couple that is wrestling with the pain of infertility. For the couple that is anticipating the arrival of a child. For the couple that spends their days wading in an endless sea of toddler toys. For the couple that is watching their children become adults. For the couple that is embracing the unusual quiet of an empty nest. Whatever season of marriage you are walking in, this time in your life is significant and valuable and worth preserving.

A Connection Portrait session is about more than just creating beautiful photographs. It's an opportunity to press the pause button and remind each other why you chose each other in the first place and why you continue to choose each other every day. Every session begins with a conversation. I want to hear your love story. I want to hear about your victories, challenges, and the road you've walked together. Why? Because I believe there is incredible power in sharing your story. In speaking words of affirmation to each other. In taking the time to touch each other, hold each other, and make eye contact with each other. These actions are simple, but they are also easily excluded from our day-to-day lives. I want to give you the opportunity to be intentional with each other and deliver a meaningful, tangible reminder of this part of your journey.


Joe and Shellie joined me for their Connection Portrait Session on Sunday, and Shellie shared the following sentiment about the time they spent together.

I can't even remember the last time Joe and I took pictures alone. Just us! No kids. Today was a day that I will never forget. Our AMAZING photographer had us look at each other. It was as if I was seeing my husband for the first time. Butterflies in my belly, giddiness on my face and love in my heart. Lauren, thank you for today! It meant the world to me. Thank you for taking your time and being interested in our "love" story.

I will be sharing more of Joe and Shellie's story and photographs later this week. If you and your spouse are interested in booking a Connection Portrait Session for yourselves, contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.