I can't believe she's married! { Lawrenceville, GA }

Even though I participate in weddings almost every other weekend, witnessing the start of a new family is always such a surreal experience for me. It's even more crazy when I have personal relationship with the bride. Saturday afternoon I got to be a bridesmaid for the second time in my life, because my good friend Elise got married! Even though I wasn't the official photographer for the day, I still had to bring my camera along to capture the behind the scenes action.

Here is my crazy wonderful friend the bride sitting with her younger sister Anna as they waited for their hair appointment. These two are super fun, and they're absolutely nuts when they're together!

This is Elise's "I'm SO excited I can hardly stand it!" face.

After getting totally lost trying to follow Ryan's mom's directions, we finally arrived at Belk, where Elise got her makeup done. I decided to play around with some antique toning on these images, because the whole wedding had such an elegant, classic feel to it.

What a fabulously beautiful bride!

Obviously since I was part of the bridal party, I couldn't take pictures during the ceremony. So I handed off my camera to my friend Jessica so that she could snap a few for me. This was my favorite.

They're so in love. These two are such an inspiration to me. Their desire from the first moment has been to honor and celebrate Jesus Christ in their relationship, and the love that they live out for each other is so wonderful to see. They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face. I love you guys!

Finally, here are a few snaps with me in them. The first one is of Elise and I in the brides room before the ceremony, and the second is me with Peeper and Anna.