Graduation: Noun. The reason I've been such a blog slacker lately.

Don't trip. It was a phrase I heard spoken in jest over and over again as I waded through the sea of black nylon caps and gowns. I couldn't help but smile as I searched the rows and posted lists for my place in line. I wouldn't trip crossing the stage. I'd already slipped and fallen flat on my behind when I walked into the Georgia Dome, so as far as I was concerned, the fear of embarrassing moments was behind me. I was certain. I wouldn't have to worry about face planting in front of hundreds of the country's most remarkable graduates and the world's most proud parents and families. Well, hopefully I wouldn't.

I didn't trip. :) I sat for an hour listening to the CEO of Coca Cola drone on about how capitalism and Coke were the two most amazing creations in the history of mankind, stood patiently in line for my fifteen seconds of fame, then sat back down for two more hours eagerly anticipating the balloon dropping finale and the delicious lunch that awaited me at Maggiano's.

And then, before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning, crawling out of bed, and stepping cautiously into unknown territory. Sunday was the first day of a new life for me. A life that wouldn't be crowded with, overwhelmed by, driven by or dictated by academic pursuits. That part of my life was over, and while I knew that it was time to close that chapter and start a new one, I couldn't help but gaze longingly at the familiar pages that were behind me. Those pages were dusty, crumpled and covered in finger prints. They were comfortable. Predictable. They were also filled with snapshots and anecdotes from the most fun, influential and adventurous time of my life. I was in love with those pages, and as excited as I was about graduating, a part of me felt a little intimidated by all of the blank pages that were ahead of me.

That's why I haven't posted in a while. I decided to take the last few days to focus on relaxing, pulling together final details for my next few weddings and deciding what I want to do with the time I have in between. As of right now, I'll be reading, working out, volunteering at the Atlanta Humane Society, dancing in front of my mirror with a hairbrush, horseback riding, and learning to sail. Ok, so I'm kidding about that last part, but the last few days have really got me pumped! I look at all of those blank pages, and I can't wait to fill them with new adventures. I'm ready to embrace my new start and really celebrate the life I've been given. Get ready, blog readers, because this little piece of internet is my sketch book, my scrap book and one of the favorite parts of my story, so you'll be included in a huge way.