Married! Chip & Kimberly : Flint Hill

Kimberly closed her eyes, took a deep breath and tried to settle the butterflies which were fluttering wildly in her stomach. Her bridesmaids offered her a glass of champagne, which she turned down with a smile. She didn't need a glass of bubbly to calm her nerves. She just needed to see her best friend Chip. She seemed to drift from activity to activity, excited about her wedding day, but most excited about uniting with the love of her life. As her friends gathered around her to pray before the ceremony, a peace settled over her spirit. This was it. It was time to draw near to and be joined with her husband, and she was ready. These two are so precious together. They love one another with sweet enthusiasm, and they share a faith that runs deep in their spirits. Every detail Kim chose was simple and beautiful, and they came together to make Flint Hill look the most elegant I've ever seen it. Enjoy!


Kimberly looked so radiant!

And Chip looked so dapper in his tux.

Just so you know, I love everything about these portraits. They're definitely my favorite shots of the day.



I love the combination of black, white and green. It's simple and elegant - exactly my style!


The ladies of Flint Hill really outdid themselves with the decor. The house was filled with hydrangeas, anemones, grape vine, twinkling lights and candles.




I love the excitement written on Kim's face!


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sciullo!


I love that they string lights in the trees at Flint Hill. It made the background for our portraits sparkle!




Way to be fierce, Kim!


So sweet!

Time to get the party started! :)


Megan, my new associate in training, took the following two photos, and I'm so proud of her! They're beautiful and so full of emotion.





Chip and Kimberly thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding. I know you two will have a long a joyful life together, and I pray your journey is full of adventures you can share!