Married! Kevin & Suzanne : Farley Plantation

I would like to begin this post with a letter to my dear friend, because I cannot imagine beginning it any other way! :) Sweet Suzanne,

As I write these words, I cannot help but feel frustrated by how woefully incapable they are of communicating how precious you are to me, how dearly I love you, and how much I believe you deserve to be loved and celebrated by someone who cherishes you. You are a treasure, and I cannot thank you enough for the faithful friend that you have been to me for all of these years. We have dreamed together and schemed together. We have shared secrets, inside jokes, and more laugh-till-your-sides-hurt moments than I can count. We have wept together in sorrow and in celebration. We have joined our voices to declare God's praises and joined hands to declare our need for Him. We have walked an overwhelmingly beautiful road together, and I am so excited to watch as you continue forward with Kevin at your side. Words cannot express how honored I am that you invited me to capture this precious day for you and how desperately I pray for Christ to be honored and glorified in your journey with Kevin. Be courageous. Be joyful. Believe that you are beautiful. And never forget that your third sister will always be here when you need me!

Joyfully, Lauren

Now that I've poured my heart out, I'm ready to show off some of my FAVORITE photos I've ever taken! Seriously, prepare yourselves. I love - and I mean LOVE - these pictures :) Here are Suzanne's "something borrowed" (her grandmother's pearls) and her "something new" (her gorgeous shoes).

The morning was filled with joyful noise and laughter, but when it came time for Suzanne to get into her dress, all of her attendants and family moved out into the hallway so that she could get ready in peace with her mom.

Oh my, my gorgeous friend. You are STUNNING!!

Stunning AND fierce :)

Her hair, her jewelry, her dress - EVERYTHING was perfect!

Suzanne decided to have two "first look" moments - one with her dad and one with her groom. She wept when she came out to see her dad and gave him the promise ring that he had given to her so many years ago. I love that you can see a tear falling from her eye in the image on the right.

I don't usually share family portraits, but I just HAD to show you this one of Suzanne and her momma. How adorable is this?!

Alright, alright, I know what you're wondering. "Where is the groom?" Here he is, ladies and gents, the handsome man who won my friend's heart!

Kevin was a picture of peace all day. He was happy, but never anxious or stressed. Here he waits patiently for Suzanne to come around the corner.

We grabbed a few photos of the happy couple before the ceremony began, then these two headed off to get married!

Before the ceremony, Suzanne's mom, grandmother, and bridesmaids gathered around her to cover her in prayer. It was such a tender moment.

The Farley Plantation is a beautiful location for a wedding!

Suzanne is the nanny for these three ADORABLE little boys. I love the way Ryder is looking up at his big brother as they walk down the aisle.

Suzanne and her dad drove up to the ceremony site in a restored 1932 Ford. It was classic and elegant, just like my beautiful friend!

She looks so excited!!

Kevin and Suzanne's ceremony was lead both by Larry Lawrence (a close family friend and Suzanne's youth pastor) and her father.

One of my favorite things about Kevin & Suzanne's ceremony was how personalized it was. When Suzanne's dad got up to speak, he began with these iconic words from one of their favorite movies- The Princess Bride: "Mawidge. Mawidge is what bwings us togeva today." He managed to recite the whole speech without laughing. The rest of the crowd, however, was CRACKING UP!


Before I get to the couple's lovely photos, I have to share a few of the incredible bridal party. I was in LOVE with those dresses! I got to wear one as well thank you very much :)

The bridesmaid's simple hydrangea bouquets stood out elegantly against the bright color of their dresses.

After a few group shots, we set out to grab a few of Suzanne and Kevin alone in the gorgeous sunset light. It was a perfect time to take pictures.

There's something so right about seeing Suzanne in black and white :)

Their photo collection would not be complete without a few shots with this beautiful car!


Confession: I told Suzanne that if she didn't hang this next photo in her home, I might kill her. I was halfway kidding. Haha! I LOVE this photo!

The team at The Farley Plantation knows how to throw a party, yall! The reception was simply and elegantly decorated, and it was the perfect place to have a warm, spring reception.