Fall Fashion Forecast: Pieces I LOVE

I just got back from spending the afternoon wandering around Lenox Square Mall, and I am so pumped about the styles and colors I'm seeing for fall. While my personal style generally keeps me from trend hopping, I must say I'm feeling inspired to peruse the racks of new arrivals for pieces that would definitely add a sprinkle of trendiness to my wardrobe.

It seems like every store I went into had their own version of the dress on the left. I'm not usually a fan of button down dresses- they have a very 90's vibe to me- but when I walked into Karen Millen today and saw this cute little dress I had to keep myself from reaching for my credit card. It's so chic! When the sales associate asked if I'd like to try it on, I told her that I don't try on anything I can't leave the store with, and my credit score and bank account are very thankful :)

I am pretty much obsessed with my business colors, so when I discovered the new colors in Coach's Bleecker Collection it was like love at first sight. Not only do they have a collection of bags in my favorite shade of turquoise, but I chatted with a few of the sales associates and found out that Coach is introducing bright green bags to the Bleeker collection this fall. I might just have to treat myself to one of these, because they're gorgeous!

Last but most certainly not least, the fashion world is welcoming the fall season with BRIGHT, BOLD COLORS! Who knew? I'm used to seeing warm earth tones for fall, but everywhere I wandered, I discovered these incredible colors that looked like they were pulled straight out of Crayola's bold marker set. Check out this jacket from J. Crew. While I won't be splurging on this particular jacket, I can't wait to pair these fabulous colored pieces with all the neutrals in my closet to produce a look that's both classy and fun!

Thanks for letting me indulge my inner fashionista and share my thoughts with all of you. Now I want to know what you love for fall. What styles have you seen that inspire or excite you? Leave a comment and let me know!