Exploring the possibilities { Before & After }

Hello, my name is Lauren Wright, and I am addicted to Photoshop.

No really, I'm quite serious. I first started learning to use photoshop when I was in middle school (Yes, I know: I am a child of the digital age), and since then it has served as my grown-up coloring book. Using Photoshop to enhance images is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer, because it allows me the freedom to explore possibilities in post-processing instead of being limited to what my camera itself can produce. Just for fun, I decided to pull an image from Katie & Daniel's session so that I can show you how I use photoshop to take a good picture and make it better!

Engagement Picture Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer

The image on the left is exactly how the image looked when I pulled it off of the camera. I love Katie's smile and the fact that she looks so relaxed and comfortable in Daniel's arms. I also like the warm, soft light that's coming in from behind them. Overall, the image is a little underexposed and a little cool, so I brought it into Photoshop, warmed it up, increased the brightness and contrast and bumped the colors, and applied a little bit of sharpening. Now, what started out as a good image is a great one!

When I refer to "high resolution digital files" in my wedding packages, this is what I am referring to. Every image that I deliver to my clients receives this basic level of attention. I want to give my clients the highest quality product that I can, which is why I invest so much time after the wedding editing the digital files. I hope that you've enjoyed taking a brief look into the other (less glamorous) side of my world, and I hope that you have a wonderful evening!