Exciting new things coming our (and your) way!

I can hardly stay in my seat I'm so excited about what's ahead for Lauren Wright Photography this year! Just this week I got in touch with an LA based bridal designer whose gowns I love, and she has been gracious enough to let me borrow a few of her dresses for a bridal fashion shoot later this spring. Also, I'm booked solid with weddings through the summer (praise Jesus!) and I'll be traveling to North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and California to celebrate with my wonderful clients. I will also be traveling to shoot alongside other photographers a few times this year. I think my favorite adventure in the works is a wedding with Jamie Delaine that I'll be shooting in Vancouver, Canada in August!

In other news, I have a batch of Lauren Wright Photography t-shirts en-route to my house as we speak, and I'll have full details about how you can get your hands on one on the blog Monday, so come back if you want to show off your LWP love! And since all posts are better with pictures, here is my favorite snap shot from Saturday's wedding with Matt Yung. This was the look on Sophia's face when she came around the corner and saw her groom for the first time that day.