Everyday love

I picked my feet up off of the floor and crossed my legs Indian style in the passenger seat. I probably looked like a silly little kid, but I didn't care because it's the most comfortable position for long car trips (I promise - you should try it!). I bobbed my head to the rhythm of the music as the trees passed by in a blur on either side of the highway. We had passed Macon about an hour earlier, which put us square in the middle of nowhere on our trek to Sarasota. I reached across the center console and grabbed Robert's hand. He smiled and kissed it, never taking his eyes off of the road. This has become our own special kind of ritual. He opens my car door for me, and I smile, sit down and press the lock button right before he reaches for his own door handle so that he can't get in. Eventually, though, he does make it in the driver's seat and I reach for his hand. As we pull off, the car starts to beep at him and he has to let go so he can put on his seat belt. I laugh, thankful that the car has a built in nagging device so I don't have to nag him to put it on. Then he picks up my hand again, kisses it and we're on our way. It's our everyday kind of love.

I don't remember what song came on the radio next, but apparently I liked it because I cranked up the volume and proceeded to turn the car into my own personal karaoke stage. I can't recall a time in my life where I've been in the car and haven't sung along. As I've confessed before, I love to sing. I sing everywhere I go - restaurants, the grocery store, wedding receptions - It's just part of who I am. My soul feels free when I lift my voice, and I don't really care who listens. So there in the car, I sang my heart out, except this time something was a little different. There sitting next to me was my best friend and my love, and he was singing right along with me. He sang in his own way, of course, tapping the steering wheel when the music roared and making up his own words when he couldn't remember the lyrics, but he sang. A smile spread across my face, and I thought about how lucky I am not only to have a gentleman, comedian and Christ-following man as my fiance but also a duet partner. It's quite possible that I'm the luckiest woman alive. :)

And since I know posts are always more fun when they include pictures, here's a sneak peek from Dave and Emily's wedding this weekend.