Engaged! Sina & Nadia : Piedmont Park Engagement

Like many great love stories, Sina and Nadia began their relationship as friends. Sina will tell you that he wanted to be with Nadia from the moment that he met her. Nadia cherished the closeness that she and Sina built as friends, and she was afraid that being romantic could hurt the strong relationship they shared. Little did she know that when she said yes to their first date, she was opening her heart to the person who would become her confidant, partner, rock, and best friend. These two care very much for each other, and they love to relax and laugh together. They are exactly the kind of clients that I love to celebrate - joyful, affectionate, and authentic. I hope these bring a smile to your face. I showed up an hour early to our shoot so that I could scope out a few places around Piedmont Park that we're gray and foggy. This tree was the only one blooming in the whole park, as far as I could see. Trust me, I looked!