Engaged! Ryan & Melissa : Marietta, GA

When I first started talking to Melissa about her wedding and her relationship with Ryan, she said something that really made me smile. If we could, we would get married tomorrow... You see, Ryan and Melissa have been together for 6 years, and their wedding will be celebrating the continuation of what is already a life long love. They are high school sweethearts and best friends, and they can't wait to give their lives to one another.

I love the vibrant colors and warm light in this image.

Melissa was so cute as we walked into the square. Ryan proposed to her in this gazebo at the same time of day that we were taking this picture. Ryan squeezed her hand and smiled at her as the bells began to chime the hour. Remember this walk? he asked. She placed a hand on her stomach to calm down the butterflies her memories stirred up. It was so cute!

I had so much fun with you guys! I can't wait to celebrate your wedding with you next June!